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Consults and Garden Coaching

Every client is different. Some people have an idea about what they want, but find it difficult to picture it without seeing some sort of sketch. Others want a formal plan for their back yard makeover. Then there are those who have green thumbs, love to garden, have already drawn up what they have in mind, and just need some help establishing the structure and getting started.

No matter what type of individual you are, we are happy to offer initial consulting services—from “garden coaching” to sketches to performing tasks—in order to help you get your new garden underway.

Landscape Design

Should you desire a full-fledged landscape design for your project, we will spend the initial consult getting to know each other. You share your ideas, we toss around a few of our own, we sketch out concepts and have you fill out our questionnaire. Your designer will review all aspects of your property including the architecture of your house, the site, the exposure and views, and the location and condition of existing trees and shrubs. Photographs and measurements will be taken.

The final design is a scale drawing indicating all hardscaping elements and specific plant placement. Upon completion, a bid for the installation will be prepared.


Your designer is the project manager and works closely with our staff of gardeners and artisans during the installation.

Ongoing Support

We are an established firm with a strong track record. Our support is ongoing. We'll answer your questions, help you solve problems, establish a maintenance plan, and work with you as your landscape matures.


Our Design Approach

Every landscape project is unique. Every garden design is an individual expression of its owners—their taste, their lifestyle, and their goals. We go out of our way to provide personalized attention throughout every step of your process, even installing all the landscape elements ourselves to ensure they are correctly planted and perfectly executed.

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