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Whether you are moving into an older home, renovating your current home, or maybe even preparing to put your home on the market, we are skilled at helping you breathe new life and enjoyment into your garden.

From expert pruning of neglected trees and shrubs (including fruit trees, ornamentals, and Japanese maples), to selecting and installing plants that are easy to care for and look good throughout all seasons, we love to see your garden look vibrant again.

Routine Renovation Tasks

  1. Weeding and removal of dead plants and debris

  2. Corrective pruning of neglected trees and shrubs

  3. Adding compost to revitalize worn-out soil

  4. Installing fresh, low maintenance plants

  5. Mulching to keep weeds under control


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Pruning Tips

  1. Pruning trees and shrubs provides the greatest immediate visual impact

  2. Prune in early Spring to encourage new growth; prune in late Summer to discourage new growth (fruit trees, Japanese maples, etc.)

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