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Regular maintenance makes a big difference in the health and appearance of a garden, and is typically less expensive than periodic garden cleanups. We will work closely with you to understand your priorities, and our experienced gardeners will keep them in mind as we care for your garden throughout the year.

Routine Maintenance Tasks

  1. Watch for fungal diseases or insect problems, which we treat organically when necessary

  2. Prune trees and shrubs when seasonally appropriate

  3. Mulch to keep weeds under control

  4. Care for perennial flowers and ornamental grasses

  5. Add fresh annuals in the summer and plant spring blooming bulbs in the fall


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Keys to a Sustainable Garden

  1. Build healthy soil

  2. Manage water

  3. Put the right plant in the right place

  4. Limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides

EnviroStar Best Practices

We are committed to caring for gardens in a way that is best for you, your plants, and for Puget Sound. 

Some of the things we do that earned us a Five Star certification from King County EnviroStars are:

  1. Recycle yard debris and reuse materials whenever possible.

  2. Install compost in new and established gardens to improve the health of plants, reduce weeds and help prevent soil erosion.

  3. Design and install paths and patios of bark, crushed gravel and stone so storm water drains naturally through them instead of running off.

  4. Choose plants for you that are not only beautiful but pest resistant, drought tolerant and provide interest throughout the year.

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